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It’s also feasible to have an isochron with colinear information

Posted by Sid Laymes on August 23, 2020
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It’s also feasible to have an isochron with colinear information

Mixing of two sources

, whose age does not have any importance whatsoever. The only real way that is reasonably common by combining of materials.

Each could possibly be plotted as being a information point for an isochron diagram:

Figure 19. Position of supply product on an isochron plot.

When plotted for an isochron diagram, the blended information points are all colinear with an and B:

Figure 20. Isochron plot of two sources that are mixed

Mixing seems to be always a pernicious issue. Since the and B can be totally unrelated to one another, their specific compositions could plot to a range that is fairly wide of from the graph. The line AB might have any slope after all.

That reality additionally we can make a rough estimate for the percentage of isochrons that provide colinear plots as a result of blending. “significant” (or “valid”) isochrons will need to have a zero or positive slope; “mixing” isochrons might have any slope. If isochrons of negative slope (which needs to be mixing lines) had been fairly typical, then we possibly may suspect blending to be a reason for an important small fraction of most apparently legitimate “old” isochrons also. That isn’t the situation, but.

In addition, there was a test that is relatively simple can identify blending generally in most instances. Continue Reading

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