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Posted by James Nitro on September 25, 2020
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Payton regularly plays with pain

Many modern NFL runners cite Payton as an inspiration. Emmitt Smith with tears gave tribute to Payton after breaking Payton’s record. LaDanian Tomlinson, who set numerous records in the 2006 NFL season, named Payton as one of his best mentors and inspirations. Ahman Green, former Bears rival Green Bay Packers, reportedly idolizes Payton by watching the lead movie, Pure Payton, before every game…

Sayers is also known for his friendship with Brian Piccolo, who formed the basis for the movie Brian Song. One of the most interesting things about Payton’s 13-year career with the Bears was his consistency. It is a fact that he lost only one match all the time he was in Chicago. Compared to today’s players, this is a sign of superiority..

Career leaders in transport yards (era)

He was very tough, very reliable and one of the most talented athletes in the history of this sport. Chicago Bears in fourth handling in the 1975 NFL Draft. Payton was named the first of nine career professional cups in his second season and in 1977 he won the Most Valuable League Player award after leading the NFL in the courts. faster (1852; franchise record) and faster touches. In the 1985 season, he helped the Bears set a 15-1 record and win the franchise’s first Super Bowl title the following January. Pro Football Focus founder Neil Hornsby named Payton the best player in NFL history in 2010..

Before suffering two devastating knee injuries, Gail Sayers was one of the most successful runners of all time. Sayers records include more TD in a rookie season, more TD in a game, higher average career return KO (30.56) and most TD with one KO return. .

He is a source of inspiration because of the charitable work he has done in his life and the legacy he left behind in the NFL. Walter Payton inspires me to always take care of people who may need it and always work hard to be a good day. Nicknames are earned for one’s personality, such as the nickname “Sweetness” by Walter Payton, which he earned as one of the best athletes on and off the field….

The former Bears line is trying to recover from a stroke

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